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Established in 2023 with the passion to offer an exquisite dinning experience getting a taste of Jamaica and Southern comfort food. You will get a blend of rich colors, memorable sounds and the feel of coming home. Perhaps you’ve never been, but we aim to entice your appetite with taste and sounds you would want to experience again and again.

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Taco Tuesday

Seafood Wednesday

$1 Wing Fridays

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Chef Collette

Head Chef

Executive Chef Collette is a Jamaican native who started her culinary career working at Cobalt Grill in Virginia Beach, VA. After working in different areas in the culinary industry, she started her own catering company, serving authentic Jamaican/American cuisine while putting a contemporary spin on each of her dishes. One thing everyone says about Chef Collette is that she puts “LOVE” in her food. “It feels like a home-cooked meal every time,” they added.

Chef Marc

Head Chef

Executive Pastry Chef Marc, is a Jamaican native who started his culinary career working on a US Military base for the navy exchange as Pastry Chef& Cook for 15 years. Marc learned alot about food safety working with the US military.